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FASTING:In Sanskrit  it is called 'UPAVASA',means staying  or living near God.
Definition:Fasting is voluntary total abstination from taking any kind of (solid) food for a definite period of time with the view to give rest to different organs of the body and their by helping them to get cleansed.-Herbert.M.Shelton.
            In nature except human being all other animals folllow fasting when they fall sick(including infants who refuse mother's milk during illness).
              It is like periodical body service by giving rest to the digestive system there by toxins are thrown out and gives absolute mental rest.
               In olden days in India people were practising  fasting twice in a month on the day of EKADASHI and few auspicious days  for the sake of Meditation.
It's very much essential for todays life style as people over eat and burden the digestive system,gain exess body weight and have many more related ailments.

Types of Fasting
                                  A] Based upon Type.
                                   B] Based upon Duration
     Dry fasting [without taking water]     
     Water fasting [lots of Water only]
     Juice fasting [lots of water & specific juice]

     Short fasting [upto 3 days]
     Medium fasting [3-8 days]
     Long fasting [above 10 days]

     Advantages of Fasting and Procedure to do fasting:
    • To clean the body, fasting for definite period  under the observation of an expert followed by a cleansing or low calory diet would solve many problems of modern life style.
    • Fasting is very useful in chronic diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis,obesity,bronchial asthma etc.
    • In case of accute diseases like comman cold ,viral fever,headache etc fasting would do wonders.
    • Skip the dinner once a week taking any fruit juice ,feel fresh in the next morning.
    • Lemon juice with honey is best body cleanser during fasting.
    • In medium or long fasting initially Glycogen in the liver is used for body's energy requirement above external energy supply.Once glycogen storage is depleted fat metabolism begins,this is the begining of real weight reduction in obesity.
    • For  medium or long fasting Nature cure centre is the ideal place,where you get expert guidance and supportive treatments like Mud therapy,Hydrotherapy, Body massage and Yoga. 
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