Friday, 6 July 2012

Home remedies for Hair fall

Hair fall now a days common complaint.Junk food ,malnutrition,dandruff, hard water,lack of sleep, stress  are the main causes for hair fall.

  • Avoid the causative factor such as taking bath in very hot water,hard water.
  • Take sufficient rest,sleep 8hrs/day.
  • Keep the mind relaxed with meditation. For more details contact
  • Sufficient amount of essential nutrition in daily diet such as seeds grains ,vegetables, fruits ,milk,honey,wheatgerm etc
  • Coconut gratings should be grounded with little water and squeezed to get coconut milk.Massaging of coconut milk allover the scalp and hair roots is helpful in controlling dandruff  and  hair fall.
  • A vigorous rubbing of the scalp with finger after washing the hair  with cold water is very helpful for the prevention of hair loss.the scalp should be rubbed vigorously till it starts to tingle with heat.It will help to  activate  the sebaceous  glands and improves circulation of blood at that  part.
  • Oil prepared by boiling pieces of amla in coconut oil should be applied daily to the scalp.It stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  • Soak fenugreek seeds overnight,grind to a paste .Add coconut milk, apply on the scalp and hair, leave for 20 minutes and rinse.It tones the hair and prevents hair fall.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Medicinal uses of Honey

Honey is called as 'Madhu' in Sanskrit.Ayurveda has been using  honey as medicine for centuries.It is a sweet food made by bees using nectar from different flowers.It gets sweetness from mono saccharides fructose and glucose.

Nutritional value per 100gm of Honey

Carbohydrate   -82.4g
Sugars            -82.14g
Fibre              -0.2g
Fat                -0g
Protein           -0.3g
Fresh Honey in Honey comb
Types of Honey according to Ayurveda

  1. Pouttika
  2. Bramara
  3. Kshoudra
  4. Makshika
  5. Chatra
  6. Arghya
  7. Oudukala
  8. Dala
Medicinal uses of Honey

  • Ayurveda explains special quality of honey as 'YOGAVAHI'means the substance which has a quality of penetrating the deepest tissue .When honey is mixed with other preparations it enhances the medicinal qualities of those preparations and also help them to reach  deeper tissues.Because of this property  it is used as ANUPANA{to be given with the medicine to improve its efficiency } in many preparations.
  • Because of sugar it can be used as instant energiser.
  • Honey is very good antioxidant,which restores the damaged skin and gives soft,young look.
  • It is  very good for eyes and eyesight.
  • It is used as wound dressing material.Honey has got antibacterial property,with that infection reduces quickly,inflammation and pain clears,odour reduces,healing occurs quickly with minimum scaring.
  • In cold and cough honey mixed with ginger juice gives relief.
  • To control blood pressure one should take honey with garlic juice.
  • To reduce over weight add 1tsp of honey to a glass of water mixed with lemon juice daily in empty stomach.
  • To improve complexion mix honey with tomato juice and apply over face.Rinse after 10 minutes.
Precautions while using Honey
  • Honey should not be heated.
  • It should not be mixed with hot food.
  • One should not take honey while working in hot environment.
  • Honey should not be mixed with hot spicy food ,fermented beverages,alcohol,ghee and mustard.                                                                                                                          
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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Manage your blood sugar and cholesterol with Fenugreek

Fenugreek commonly known as Methi in Hindi,Menthe in Kannada,primarily  used as a spice,it is also used to treat a variety of diseases.Latin name of Fenugreek is Trigonella foenum-graecum and belongs to the family Leguminaseae.In Sanskrit it is called as Methika.
Fenugreek seeds contain protein,vitamin C,niacin and potassium.Active ingredients are alkaloids,lysine and L.tryptophan.
Fenugreek seeds
Medicinal uses and Home remedies of Fenugreek.
  • Daily intake of seeds in any form of food preferably raw,helps for balancing cholesterol.
  • To lower blood sugar level in type 2 Diabetes ,take 1tsp seed powder daily in buttermilk  twice daily before food.
  • For skin problems like boils,burns,eczema apply the paste of fenugreek seed over the affected area.
  • Daily intake of fenugreek is useful in gastritis and acid reflux.Because of containing mucilage,it helps to sooth gastro- intestinal inflammation by coating the lining if the stomach and intestine.
  • To reduce the effect of fever,it should be taken with honey and lemon juice.According to Ayurveda it has got cooling property and it subsides vitiated Pitta and nourishes the body.
  • Because of containing hormone precursors, it helps to increase milk production in lactating woman.
  • Due to its oestrogen like properties, it is useful  to reduce hot flushes and mood fluctuations during menopause and thought to be helpful for painful PMS.
  • It is also useful in reproductive disorders,to induce labour, to reduce menstrual pain.
  • As the seed has husk and it absorbs more water,resulting in bulkier stool it is useful in diarrhoea when given with butter milk.
  • It is also useful in premature ejaculation and to increase the sexual desire.
  • Grinding the seeds into fine powder ,one can mix it with warm water and it gives soothing relief for sore throat.
  • For dandruff and hair fall ,soak seeds over night,grind it to a paste [add coconut milk-This gives better result], apply on the scalp and hair,leave for 20 minutes and rinse.It tones the hair,gives it a silky feel and shine.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Tulsi  is an important symbol in Hindu religious tradition.Tulasi belongs to Lamiaceae family.Latin name of Tulsi is Ocimum sanctum.In English it is called as sacred Basil or Holy Basil.

  • Krishna tulasi-Ocimum sanctum
  • Rama tulasi-Ocimum sanctum
  • Vana tulasi-ocimum gratissimum

Medicinal uses of Tulasi[HOLY BASIL]

  • Tulasi is useful in both vata and kapha disorders.
  • Tulasi is effective in skin disorders like rashes,insect bite,itching.Especially used in ring worm and lukoderma.Fresh juice of Tulsi leaves taken internally and juice must be applied to the affected parts.
  • Tulasi  has anti inflammatory properties as it reduces vata.Hence its external application over swelling helps to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Tulsi leaves act as nervine tonic and help to sharpen memory.
  • Paste and juice of tulasi leaves help to reduce acne and scar.
  • Consuming 10-12 leaves of Tulasi daily helps to reduce stress.
  • Researches shown that Tulasi is very effective in reducing blood sugar and blood cholesterol.for more details regarding the management of  blood sugar and blood cholesterol visit
  • It heps to mobilise mucus in bronchitis and asthma.
  • chewing tulasi leaves relieves cold and flu.Decoction made with tulasi leaves by adding water,jaggery,ginger and pepper  can be taken in case of sore throat,cold cough and asthma.
  • Tulasi juice with honey can be given to young children with cold and cough.
  • Same Will be useful in case of renal calculi.
  • In headache Tulasi decoction can be given internally.Tulasi leaves pounded with sandal paste can be applied over forehead.
  • In eye disorders 2 drops of black tulasi juice are put into eyes daily at bed time.This is effective in sore eye and night blindness.
  • In diseases of ear nose and throat Tulasi juice is instilled to nostril.
  • Tulasi also has anti tubercular property.
  • Tulasi acts as digestive,blood purifier,analgesic,antipyretic,anti helmentic and anti fertility drug without side effects.
  • Seeds of Tulasi acts as diuretic.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Garlic is known as Rasona in Sanskrit,meas absence of sour taste.Garlic belongs to Liliaceae family.Latin name is Allium sativum.Regarding the medicinal qualities of Garlic  one saying "Garlic is as good as 10 mothers and garlic a day keep sickness away''.Presence of sulphur in garlic gives pungent smell.
Garlic  Cholestrol controller

Medicinal uses of  garlic

  • Garlic decreases the vitiated vata and kapha.
  • Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic.
  • Garlic have powerful anti-oxidant effect.Antioxidants can help  to protect the body  against damaging free radicals.
  • Garlic is good analgesic,appetiser,digestive,liver stimulant.
  • Garlic acts as antiseptic and helps in curing the wounds very quickly
  • Garlic helps in fighting against various infections and acts against inflammation and infections like cold and cough.
  • Studies shown that it contains chemicals that prevent cancer
  • Garlic helps in lower down the B.P and cardio vascular problems.It increases the level of high density lipoproteins and reduces harmful cholesterol in the blood and keeps arteries and heart healthy.
  • It helps to stimulate the immune system of the body.
  • It prevents and relieves chronic bronchitis,respiratory problems and catarrh.
  • Acts as a nasal decongestant and expectorant.
  • Garlic is helpful in asthma,hysteria,dropsy,scurvy.
  • it helps in curing flatulence,kills intestinal parasites and is an excellent internal antiseptic.
  • Garlic is also useful in indigestion,piles,flatulence,painful periods,loss of taste,skin disorders.
  • It is a good rejuvenating also.

Home remedies of Garlic:

  • Two cloves of raw garlic  regularly with warm water early in the morning will glow your skin.
  • For acne apply a cut clove of garlic gently on the affected area(only if you have no sensitivity to it)
  • Use garlic in your food to reduce high cholesterol.
  • To reduce weight squeeze 1/2 lemon juice in one cup of Luke warm water and drink it with 2 cloves of garlic regularly twice a day.
  • Use 2 cloves of garlic daily to reduce risk of cancer
  • If any insect bite crush the garlic and apply it to the affected area to reduce the pain and remove the poison.
  • Lashuna ksheerapaka is one of the classical preparation mentioned in Ayurveda which helps to decrease the smell and pungent taste of garlic,retaining the medicinal qualities unaltered.
  • In Ayurveda it is mentioned that ,In Pitta related disorders take garlic with sugar,in Kapha with honey and in vatha with ghee.
  • In earache make oil with garlic and put 2 drops in affected ear.


  • Some people have hypersensitivity to garlic.They show skin allergy,headache etc.To overcome this coriander should be taken.
  • One should not take more than2-3 garlic cloves/day.
  • One should not take alcohol,meat,milk,excess water,jaggery while taking garlic

Friday, 16 December 2011


FASTING:In Sanskrit  it is called 'UPAVASA',means staying  or living near God.
Definition:Fasting is voluntary total abstination from taking any kind of (solid) food for a definite period of time with the view to give rest to different organs of the body and their by helping them to get cleansed.-Herbert.M.Shelton.
            In nature except human being all other animals folllow fasting when they fall sick(including infants who refuse mother's milk during illness).
              It is like periodical body service by giving rest to the digestive system there by toxins are thrown out and gives absolute mental rest.
               In olden days in India people were practising  fasting twice in a month on the day of EKADASHI and few auspicious days  for the sake of Meditation.
It's very much essential for todays life style as people over eat and burden the digestive system,gain exess body weight and have many more related ailments.

Types of Fasting
                                  A] Based upon Type.
                                   B] Based upon Duration
     Dry fasting [without taking water]     
     Water fasting [lots of Water only]
     Juice fasting [lots of water & specific juice]

     Short fasting [upto 3 days]
     Medium fasting [3-8 days]
     Long fasting [above 10 days]

     Advantages of Fasting and Procedure to do fasting:
    • To clean the body, fasting for definite period  under the observation of an expert followed by a cleansing or low calory diet would solve many problems of modern life style.
    • Fasting is very useful in chronic diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis,obesity,bronchial asthma etc.
    • In case of accute diseases like comman cold ,viral fever,headache etc fasting would do wonders.
    • Skip the dinner once a week taking any fruit juice ,feel fresh in the next morning.
    • Lemon juice with honey is best body cleanser during fasting.
    • In medium or long fasting initially Glycogen in the liver is used for body's energy requirement above external energy supply.Once glycogen storage is depleted fat metabolism begins,this is the begining of real weight reduction in obesity.
    • For  medium or long fasting Nature cure centre is the ideal place,where you get expert guidance and supportive treatments like Mud therapy,Hydrotherapy, Body massage and Yoga. 
    For practical experience visit

    Thursday, 15 December 2011


    Pepper is a popular spice known to the world since ancient times.Pepper often referred as 'King of spices'.Even though it is used as spice it has medicinal quality.
    Pepper belongs Piperaceae family.Latin name is Piper nigrum.Sanskrit name is Mareecha.

    Active principles in pepper
    volatile oil
    pepper plant
    pinene etc
    Pepper is the good source of vitamin C and A,vitamin B complex and minerals like potassium,calcium,zinc,manganese,iron and magnesium.

    Medicinal uses of pepper

    • It decreases the vitiated kapha.
    • It is one among the 'Thrikatu' in Ayurveda.
    • Pepper is useful in conditions like-
    • diarrhoea
    • Ear ache
    • Gangrene
    • Heart disease
    • Hernia
    • Hoarseness of voice
    • Indigestion
    • Insect bite
    • Insomnia
    • Liver problem
    • Lung diseases
    • Tooth ache
    • Anaemia
    • Poor circulation
    • Tooth decay and gum swelling
    • Acne
    • Constipation

    • Pepper increases appetite and improves digestion
    • Pepper helps the absorption of selenium,vitamin B complex,beta carotene,as well as other nutrients in food.
    • Pepper acts as anti inflammatory,carminative ,and antiflatulant.

    Home remedies by using Pepper

    • In cold, cough and throat irritation, boil milk with turmeric powder and pepper powder.strain it,add jaggery and drink when it is warm.
    • Take a mixture of 2tsp of tulasi(Basil) juice,2tsp of honey and 3pinch of pepper powder in case of Fever.
    • In indigestion intake of ginger juice mixed with fine powder of pepper gives relief.
    • Chutney made with garlic and pepper also give the same result.
    • For cold and loss of appetite chew a paste of pepper mixed with 1tsp of honey.
    • For flatulence drink decoction prepared using pepper,cumin and rock salt.
    • For toothache-make a decoction of pepper by adding 1/8th spoon of pepper powder to 1/2 cup of boiling water.Stir and keep it on low heat for few minutes.Rinse the mouth with warm decoction.Retain the liquid in the mouth for minute.
    • For pains and ache apply a paste of pepper on affected part.
    • Add jaggery and pepper to a cup of boiling water.add honey when it is cool and drink .It gives relief from cough.
    • In case of eczema ,apply a mixture of pepper powder and ghee on affected area.
    • In case of pimples apply the paste of pepper over the pimple to dry them.